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                                    How Many Mesh Security Mesh Screens Are Needed To Prevent Mosquitoes

                                    Security mesh screen not only can prevent theft, but also prevent mosquitoes. Many customers will want to ask how many purposes are appropriate.

                                    Security mesh screen has 8 to 18 meshes. The larger the number of meshes, the smaller the holes, and the better the anti-mosquito effect, but when we need to choose, we choose according to the actual situation. Generally, there are more 8-purpose anti-mosquito options.

                                    When choosing Security mesh screens, it should be noted that the light transmittance is mainly related to the diameter of the steel wire and the size of the plastic amount. There are generally four specifications of the plastic amount, square, thick square, round, thick round. The plastic amount is from low to high, and the light transmittance

                                     is from high to low. Wire diameter specifications are also generally four, 50, 60, 70, 80, the corresponding steel wire within the difference of 10 wires, the smaller the wire diameter, the larger the mesh, the better the light transmission.

                                    Please also pay attention to the manufacturer's use of stainless steel wire raw materials when selecting. Nowadays, Security mesh screens are mainly made of high-strength stainless steel wire, usually

                                     304 or 316.316 corrosion resistance is better than 304 stainless steel, and has good corrosion resistance in the production process of pulp and paper. And 316 stainless steel is also resistant to marine and aggressive industrial atmospheres.

                                    In the actual selection of Security mesh screens, it is also necessary to choose whether to use 304 or 316 materials. The Security mesh screens made by them have different corrosion resistance and heat resistance.

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