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                                    The Top Trends in Windows & Doors for 2020

                                    1. Black Window Frames

                                    Clean, bold and classic — all the characteristics black window frames bring to your home. This trend is here to stay, and we don’t see it going away anytime soon. Homeowners are loving this style as it can work with nearly any home decor and architectural design.

                                    Looking to refresh your black window frames for something a little more unique? The dark color palette is expanding into dark brown, dark greens and dark reds.

                                    2. Broaden Your Sightlines with Window Walls

                                    Less is more in the case of window frames. Homeowners and architects alike are choosing bigger windows spanning the entirety of a wall. Floor-to-ceiling windows are a modern and clean statement maker creating an unobstructed glimpse into the outdoors.

                                    Want a more functional approach to the floor-to-ceiling look? Try a multi-slide patio door. These multi-paneled doors can be designed with more glass and less frame giving you a modern look and the ability to create an indoor-outdoor connection. These doors are a great choice that you’ll love for years.

                                    3. Bold & Bright Colors

                                    Neutrals, grays and whites aren’t what it’s about in 2020. Designers are trending away from the monochromatic look and instead using bold colors for a dramatic approach. Rich colors like emerald greens, navy blues, mustard yellows and purples are having their moment.

                                    If you’re not ready to dedicate a whole room to such a bold look, try painting your entry door one of these colors — an easy DIY to quickly improve your curb appeal. Painting the interior of your entry door also allows you to spruce up your entryway. These eye-catching colors are sure to bring life into your home for the new year.

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