What are the development prospects of Marine grade security mesh doors and windows

                                    Marine grade security meshs have become popular in recent years. Anti-mosquito, anti-theft, anti-mouse, anti-snake can also protect the elderly and children at home (anti-fall building). There are many other life benefits, so the market of Marine grade security mesh is very hot.

                                    Popular products have a lot to do with their basic performance. The material of the Marine grade security mesh is 304 stainless steel wire, and the exterior protection is treated by electrostatic spraying. The 304 stainless steel mesh has high rust resistance and anti-destructive ability. After inspection, the anti-invasive ability reaches 2.148 tons, and the shear resistance and anti-destruction ability are stronger.

                                    SS is the abbreviation of "stainless steel". 316L is a stainless steel grade. There are currently three types of gauze on the market, 304, 316, and 316L. 304 contains 8 nickel (Ni) and carbon content is less than 0.08; 10, with carbon content below 0.08; 316L with nickel (Ni) 12, with carbon content below 0.03; the lower the carbon content, the more corrosion-resistant, the higher the nickel content, the more corrosion-resistant.

                                    Vajra mesh doors and windows are the representative products of high-end anti-theft screens in the anti-theft window industry.

                                    Mesh has the advantages of anti-theft, bulletproof, mosquito, shear, smash resistance, corrosion resistance, easy cleaning, beautiful appearance, long service life and so on.

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