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                                    Security mesh screen main features and application range

                                    The main features of Anti-theft Security mesh screen:

                                    1. The anti-theft ability is super strong, which can prevent the intrusion of scissors or impact force. It can also prevent the invasion of foreign animals such as flies, insects, snakes and mice.

                                    2. Convenient cleaning. When cleaning, just spread the newspaper on the net and spray water on the watering can.

                                    3, can resist the invasion of ultraviolet rays.

                                    4. Invisible and transparent, no blocking feeling, no depression feeling, no blocking feeling, keep the room bright and natural at any time.

                                    Anti-theft Security mesh screen main applicati

                                    on scope:

                                    1. Residential quarters with stainless steel anti-theft nets and stainless steel sliding gates cannot be installed.

                                    2. All balconies, windows, and garden entrance halls of villas, garden houses and other high-end residential areas.

                                    3. Doors and windows of the finance room of enterprises and institutions.

                                    4. Customers who have strong uniformity on the appearance of residential buildings.

                                    5. Customers who want to make the window decoration simple but also have anti-theft and anti-mosquito functions.

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