How To Distinguish Security Screen Mesh On The Market

                                    There are many manufacturers and intermediaries of Security screen mesh. The focus of our customers has always been quality. How do we distinguish its different materials.

                                    Vajra nets are usually purchased in black. Because the general wall surface is white, it is more atmospheric with black screens or doors and windows.

                                    The material of Security screen mesh includes: 316, 304, 201, galvanized and other materials.

                                    The correct distinction, because the nickel content between the materials or other aspects are different, will affect the use effect. The reason is that the price is different.

                                    304 contains 8 nickel (Ni) with carbon content

                                     below 0.08; 316 contains 10 nickel (Ni) with carbon content below 0.08; 316L contains 12 nickel (Ni) with carbon content below 0.03; the lower the carbon content, the more corrosion resistant, The higher the nickel content, the more corrosion-resistant.

                                    From the material point of view: only 304, 316 Security screen mesh can be rust-free for ten years, now there are many kinds of materials on the market: 201, high carbon steel, low carbon steel, manganese steel, hot galvanized, etc. . Advocate that we purchase 304 Security screen mesh, the price is moderate, and it is not easy to rust.

                                    MaiShi Group is a manufacturer that has been operating for more than 30 years, and its operating customers are increasing every year. It is precisely because our products are of good quality. Welcome to contact us.

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