Security screen mesh doors and windows capable of preventing theft

                                    Security screen meshs have high anti-theft strength to prevent damage or invasion of rats, snakes, flies, mosquitoes and other animals. It is safer, and the elderly or playing children in the room will not be in an unsafe state due to the opening of doors and windows. That's why many customers choose.

                                    Security screen mesh's main reason for preventing theft is related to its production.

                                    MAISHI carefully inspected all safety screens, and strict quality control from raw materials to production packaging to ensure that each mesh meets the highest standards, and the grid has passed all relevant important tests.

                                    MAISHI's Security screen mesh window screens are made of stainless steel wire and are protected by electrostatic spraying. They have a high anti-rust and anti-destructive ability. After inspection, the anti-invasive ability reaches 2.148 tons, and the anti-shear and anti-destructive ability is stronger. The net is in the shape of an iron plate, hard, and has strong impact resistance. If the thief wants to enter using knife and scissors etc. are very difficult. Greater guarantee of indoor people and property security.

                                    According to the current customers who use Security screen mesh doors and windows, the general response is very good, not only is there no mosquito bites in summer, but the service life is several times that of ordinary screens. Helping their lives solve many problems.

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