How to clean Security screen meshs?

                                    Security screen meshs are widely used nowadays. Can effectively prevent mosquitoes and flies from flying in. Robust in a variety of bad weather. How do we clean it after purchase and installation? It is divided into the following three points.

                                    1. We can also paint some window screens and window frames. This can actually prevent the deformation of the 

                                    window screen. In fact, this is to prevent a rust in the later stage. The products we bought back ca n’t be used for a long time and we feel very uneconomical. So we need to do our daily work so that we can better serve us.

                                    2. For the use of Security screen meshs, if we do not use it, we can remove it for cleaning. This results in cleanliness and is more conducive to preservation. In fact, we do a good job of these details can actually guarantee a later use of our process.

                                    3. When cleaning the screens, we need to clean the dust on it with a brush. When cleaning, we can choose washing powder or detergent to achieve this situation. As long as we repeatedly clean, we can clean the dust on it.

                                    The cleaning method of Security screen meshs is the above. Friends in need can contact us.

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